Balance the Books is an independent campaign, operating beyond party politics and without corporate influence. Our objectives are to cut across standard political divides, to highlight the damage inflicted by the long-term accumulation of public debt, and demonstrate the need for permanent change in the UK’s public finances.

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Balance the Books is non-party political, non-partisan and without favourites. We are a campaigning organisation powered by volunteers and fueled by a belief in our principles

The campaign for permanent change in the UK's public finances


We campaign against broken promises and irresponsible politics.  Whether those pledges come from "left" or "right" we will do our utmost to expose them, fighting the cynical decisions which are endangering the prosperity of future generations.  By presenting options for change we want to stop the long-term build up of debt, and permanently reinvigorate our political system.

B a l a n c e   t h e   B o o k s